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4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Big House

Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Does a larger home have the amenities that you want?

You need space to spread out, and a big house is part of your plan. In some ways, buying a large home is similar to buying a smaller one, but there are new considerations as well. As you look at big houses for sale, what should you take into account?

1. What Do You Really Need in a Home?

All square footage is not created equal. Different home builders have different priorities, and you need to consider your priorities before buying a big house. Why do you want a large home?

  • Do you have a large family and need a home with many bedrooms?
  • Do you want acreage where you can garden, entertain outdoors, and enjoy outdoor sports?
  • Would you like a home with large entertaining spaces, such as a large kitchen and dining room, a room where you can entertain your guests, and an outdoor patio?

As you look at homes, ask yourself what kinds of amenities are essential to you. Just because a home is large does not mean that it has what you want. For example, if you want a master bedroom with a view into the garden, access to a private patio, and a hot tub, you need to look for those specifics rather than just looking for a large luxury home. Be home-savvy, and think about what you really want before you buy.

2. Where Is the House Located?

If you want to live in the downtown core, it will be more difficult to find a large home. Take a look at big houses for sale and see where they are located. The location will influence your budget as well, since buying a large rural home will often be significantly less expensive than buying in the suburbs or in an urban center. There will be more large houses for sale in areas where land is less expensive as well. While price may not be your most important consideration, you should always consider the community where prospective homes are located. If you do not want to live in the areas that have homes that are the size you want, consider buying a smaller luxury home in the neighborhood that you love.

Where you live is just as important as the home you own.

3. What Amenities Are in the Neighborhood?

When you are buying a big house, you may be restricted to certain neighborhoods where big houses abound. Consider this. Is this really the place that best suits you and your family? If you are going to be signing up for a large commute or you would like your children to be able to walk to the local community center, will you get these amenities in your new neighborhood? The neighborhood may be a wonderful fit, but you need to consider what you need around your home in addition to considering the home itself.

4. What Is Your Maintenance Plan?

The more space you have, the more space you have to maintain. Are you ready to maintain your larger home? Know what you are signing up for when you buy a large home.

  • Larger spaces to repair when repairs are required. For example, if you have to fix your roof, your roof will be larger and more expensive to repair.
  • Different amenities that you will not find in a smaller home. You might have a pool or a large patio.
  • Everyday maintenance, such as house cleaning.
  • More expensive everyday utility costs.

If the house is a grand older home, maintenance costs can be even higher. Older houses may be more expensive to heat, for instance. This means you might end up having to invest in better insulation, a more efficient heating system, and so on.

Buying a big house can be worthwhile. However, you need to go into it with your eyes open about the additional costs involved in home ownership and how they will change as your home size changes.

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