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How to Get Your Home Ready to Rent

Posted on Sunday, August 20, 2017
Know your target market, and know what attracts them to your house.

If you have acquired a new property or you have decided to move out of your existing home, how do you transition that property into a rental property? Preparing your home as a rental property does not happen with the touch of a magic wand, but with some simple tasks that can turn a lived-in home into an appealing rental.

Make it Sparkle

Put yourself in the tenant’s shoes. What do you want to see when you visit a home that is for rent? While you may be accustomed to your well-loved home’s little quirks, it is time to smooth out some of those edges before you invite tenants to check out your home.

Paint that living room wall that needs painting. Fix the squeaky door. Add insulation around the bedroom window so that there is no longer a draft. By investing in minor repairs and updates, you will make your home show well to prospective tenants, you may be able to ask for a little bit more in rent, and you will have fewer complaints and more satisfaction from your tenants.

Keep your house looking loved and feeling cozy.

Watch Your Windows and Doors

Your tenants want to feel secure, and they also want their home to be comfortable. Pay particular attention to the home’s windows and doors. If there is a small crack or a draft coming from a window, fix it. If the front door is hard to close, adjust it if possible. These small issues make a poor impression on a tenant, and when they are fixed, they contribute to the general feeling that the home has received work and care over the years. If you can, have the home professionally inspected so that you can address any problems with windows, doors, or other elements of the home.

Clear the Clutter

Home staging is critical when you are showing a home to others. If you are thinking of moving out or you have purchased a vacant property, it is equally important to have the right amount of furniture in the space. Use furniture to make a room look lived-in and welcoming, making sure that it matches and does not feel overstuffed. If a property is vacant, consider adding furniture if you are having trouble renting it so that tenants can more easily see themselves living in the space. Make sure that everything is clean and neat both inside and outside the home, and that all appliances and equipment are in good working order before you invite prospective tenants in for a peek.

Clean the Air

What is better than walking into a home that smells fresh, or that has the scent of delicious baking wafting through the air invitingly? A good scent is like a welcome home sign for the nose. Invite your tenants to make your property their home by ensuring that your property’s air flows well. Clean the furnace, air out the house, and put a little something on the stove to make the house smell good before you invite potential tenants to visit. Do not, however, use overwhelming scents, as some people have allergies to certain chemicals.

Make it Light

When you invite prospective tenants for an open house, watch the light levels in each room. If your home is dark, take a walk through yourself and replace bulbs or add lights to the room. Most people want to live in a space that has light to make it feel spacious and airy. If your living room feels like a cave, it may not feel cozy, but suffocating. Use natural and artificial lights to make a positive first impression.

Rent My House: Add Curb Appeal to Attract Tenants

Often, tenants make up their mind about a property as they drive in and walk up the front path. This means that ensuring curb appeal should be a priority. A glorious garden, a freshly-painted door, and a flowerpot on the front porch can make the difference between a "yes" and a "no" from your prospective tenants. You do not need to be overzealous in your additions to the garden, the porch, or the doorway. Just add a few decorative touches so that tenants can see themselves enjoying the garden in the evening, relaxing on the porch, or walking up the path after a long day at work.

At Open for Homes, we are here to help navigate the world of home sales and rentals. If you are new to the rental market, visit the blog at Open For Homes and look for tips that will help you stage and market your home.