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6 Things You Should Know about Townhomes

Posted on Sunday, July 2, 2017

Townhomes can be a community-oriented and affordable home choice.

Is townhome living the right choice for your family? If you have been looking at townhomes for rent or you are considering purchasing a townhome, you might be surprised at what you find both inside and out. Whether you are inspired by townhomes or you are a little uncertain, you need to know what is involved in purchasing these properties so that you can make the best decision for your family. 

1. A Townhome is a Middle Ground 

If you are reaching for a house one day but you have outgrown your apartment, townhomes for rent are often a middle step that gives you more space on a tight budget.  The initial purchase price of a townhouse is generally lower than that of a comparably sized home. Better yet, sometimes a developer will offer a good discount also.  A townhome can offer just as much square footage as a small house, without the cost you would have if you purchased that single family home. 

2. Common Area Maintenance is Often Covered  

For those who do not have the time to maintain landscaping and amenities such as pools, but who love lush flowers and well-maintained outdoor spaces, a townhome can be the perfect fit. Many townhomes outsource the maintenance of these common spaces to landscaping specialists and other companies. This means that you will pay a monthly fee that covers all of this maintenance. Homeowner association fees or dues that cover items such as trash pickup, community swimming pools, and common grounds maintenance are a normal part of the expenses you will incur in a townhome. That means that not only do you not need to mow the lawn, mowing is already included in your rent or fees. 

3. You Need to Live Up to Specific Standards 

If you are a radical who loves to paint your home wild colors or add your own distinct style to your home, you will need to check and see whether your particular whims will be welcome in the townhome you love. Since townhomes are row homes that are managed by a group, what happens to one home impacts the property values of the other homes. Decisions you make can also impact the structure of the home. 

For instance, if you want to add solar panels to the roof, this could impact the roof and may not be approved. In a townhome, you do not have as much flexibility to make independent decisions about the entire property, and neither do your neighbors. You make those community guidelines together.

Townhomes often have small gardens and larger communal spaces.

4. You Are Close to Your Neighbors 

If you enjoy the feel of urban living but want a bit more space, a townhome could be the right choice for you. Townhomes share walls, so depending on where you live in the row, you will have neighbors sharing walls on either side. You do not have as much space between you and your neighbors when you are in a townhome. 

Sometimes, this brings a stronger sense of community, since you can walk out the front door and say hello to those who live around you, or you can share a common pool or playground. Some townhomes have regular block parties, and you can form lifelong friends. 

However, if your children need a lot of private space to run around, you have a noisy dog, or you are sensitive to noise yourself, close-knit living can be more challenging. Consider how much private space you want and how close you want to be to your neighbors before you choose a townhome.

5. You Can Feel More Secure 

Since you are close to your neighbors and you may have a tight-knit community, townhomes can feel more secure than single-family homes. There are more eyes watching your complex. Some townhomes are gated or have neighborhood safety associations as well. The old adage is true. There is safety in numbers.

6. You May Be Asked to Contribute to the Complex 

In a townhome that is run by a homeowners' association, there are volunteer roles such as board president and treasurer. Even if the overall management occurs under the watchful eye of a management company, the association helps make decisions for the complex as a whole. Over time, families in a townhome complex may choose to contribute volunteer time to this association to help the community as a whole.

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