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How to Find the Best Neighborhood for Your Family

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2017

Look at neighborhood amenities such as parks when you're looking for the best place for your family to live.

When you're buying a house, you can fall into the trap of thinking that you're buying a house. You're not. You're buying a house in a neighborhood, and once you move in, the neighborhood will matter just as much as the house. How can you choose the right neighborhood for your family?

Who Are Your Neighbors?

Do you love a less wealthy but vibrant community? Can you handle a neighbor who has a loud dog? When you're living in a community, all of the aspects of that community come to rest on your doorstep. Talk to your Realtor about the history of the neighborhood and proposed changes. Spend some time at the home and walk around the neighborhood so that you can get a sense of what it feels like. Is it safe? Is it welcoming to your family? Does it have the intangible feel that makes you feel at home? Talk with people in the neighborhood and ask them questions about what it's really like to live there.

What's Around Your Home?

You may have humans for neighbors, but depending on where you live, you could also have industry, stores, or trees. Look at your other neighbors to see how they contribute to or take away from your quality of life. If you live down the road from a smelly, noisy industrial operation, you may get used to the noise and smell, or it may be what drives you out of the neighborhood.

Look at the Infrastructure

What forms the backbone of your life right now? Are you part of a religious community? Do your children attend the local school? This is the infrastructure of your life. These most important elements are so important that you need to consider them first during a move. If you find a house and a neighborhood that's otherwise perfect but it makes it hard to get to necessary health care or stay at the right school, then it may not be the home for you.

Examine the Amenities

The general neighborhood ambiance is also an important part of your everyday life. Do you love to live near and play in green spaces? Choose an area with large backyards or nearby parks. Is a buzzing urban feeling more your style? Look for an urban or suburban hub with restaurants, recreation centers, and theater productions. Moving to a new neighborhood is an opportunity to create the lifestyle you want for your family.

Take on Transportation

How are you going to move around every day? If you commute to work or bring children to school, is there a convenient way to do this, or will you be stuck in traffic a lot of the time? If you like to travel on foot, look at the walkability of your neighborhood and its access to transit.

Talk with other family members to see what neighborhood features are important to them.

Talk With Your Family

Remember that a home is a place for family, and it's important to get ideas from all of your family members before you make a final decision. Talk to your children about what they value in a home and in a neighborhood. Weave their preferences into your home search, and you may just find that everyone will ease into the transition a little more easily.

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