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Could New Construction Be Right For You?

Posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Buying a house? If a pre-owned house is not for you, it may be time to look into new home construction.

You've looked and looked, and for a while you thought that your perfect home was just around the corner. However, you've looked around many corners, and you've reached a dead end. When you're buying a house, sometimes you're willing to compromise, but you also know what you need. If you can't find the house that you want, could new construction be the right choice for you?

You Like the Shine of a New Home

According to Forbes, "for the same price, 2 in 5 Americans - a sizeable 41% of the population - either somewhat or strongly prefer a newly-built home over an existing one." New homes may require decision-making before they're built, but once you buy them, you shouldn't have to renovate them for some time. After all, you've had input into the paint color and may have even been able to customize some of the layout of the home. You'll have the latest technologies built in, and major systems such as the furnace and air conditioning should also be relatively maintenance-free for a few years as well. If you love renovations, you'll need to find a new outlet for your DIY tendencies if you buy a new home.

You're Willing to Put in the Research

When you're considering buying a house, you do the research about the neighborhood and the amenities, and you also look at the benefits and drawbacks about the home itself. A home inspector can tell you about the state of the house, and you can see whether or not it meets your specifications for amenities like an outdoor play space or a spacious deck for entertaining.

With a new home, you add another element to your research: you must understand your builder. An older home is tried and true. Your home inspector can tell you about many of its flaws. With a new home, you're relying on the builder to create a home that will last for years and stay relatively trouble-free. You need to look into the builder's background to see how projects completed by this builder fare over the years. You may be buying new, but you don't want to buy a dud, nor do you want to wait for months beyond your schedule.

Contact owners who live in the area if it's built by the same builder and run by a homeowners' association. You can also talk with the city building department and get their opinions on the builder and the homes built and renovated by that company. Check with the local Better Business Bureau or other business associations as well to ensure that there are not extensive complaints filed against the company.

New home construction is a way to get the home you want, but it still demands research and decision-making on your part.

You Like to Make Decisions About Your Home

When you're buying an existing house, you either get the features the house comes with or you choose to pursue a renovation. With a new house, you get both the burden and the opportunity of making multiple decisions about your home. If you love to customize, this is the opportunity for you. If you like to be able to coordinate the layout of your home and don't mind being asked to make choices about everything from patio access to paint colors, a new home could be for you.

You Have Some Flexibility in Your Budget

New homes don't have to be more expensive than existing homes, but if you have an extensive wish list of all of the features you want in a home, these can add up financially. Make sure that you look at the base price and the cost of each of the extras before you decide that a new home is for you. If you're choosing new construction because you want specific features, then you want to make sure that you can afford those features. Negotiate for additional features, and make sure the builder's prices are fair. Get a contract that shows what you've agreed upon and what it will cost.

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