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Why Fall is the Perfect Season to Buy a Home

Posted on Monday, November 20, 2017
It is fall. Is this the right time to buy a home?

It is getting close to winter festivities, and the beginning of the school season has just passed. Why would you buy a home in the fall? It might seem like it is an awkward and inconvenient time to look for a home or consider moving, and that is exactly why you should purchase a home during the fall season.

Stay Away From the Crowds

If you are the type of person who avoids the busy Black Friday sales, then you could be the right person to buy a house in the fall. As the weather warms after a long winter, people begin to plan their next move, and that includes buying a home. Spring is prime time for home buyers, and if you are in a market with a lot of competition, that competition can be financially intense. There is typically much less competition in the fall and winter of the year. If your ideal home purchase involves bidding at or under the asking price, look at fall as the perfect home-buying season.

Get Into the Market

If you are moving from a rental into your first home, fall is an even better choice. You do not need to worry about selling a home yourself, and you have the freedom to look around. Starter homes, in particular, can be less expensive in the fall. With student debt delaying home ownership, new home buyers are looking for the most choice at the lowest price, and fall is the best time to buy a home that will fit both of these requirements.

Finding sellers who are motivated helps you make a deal quickly.

Find Motivated Sellers

Often, realtors tell sellers to take their homes off the market until the spring. This is because, in the spring, lush gardens, sunshine or light rain, and high light levels allow the home to show itself off, without a lot of extra fuss. In the fall, sellers are often motivated to move before the holidays or get their house off the market, so it is not only easier to negotiate the price, there will not be as much haggling about the smaller details, such as who gets to take the window coverings.

Take Your Time

If you would prefer to shop around and take your time, or if you are browsing with half an intention to buy, fall is your time to walk leisurely through the open houses. Fall is a low-pressure time to buy a house. In the spring, houses pop up and out of the market like spring flowers. Fall is a slower time of year, and you will have more time to research and explore the neighborhood before you decide to buy.

Get Around the Inconvenience

While school schedules and holidays are not factors for everyone, they are certainly considerations for many people when they are planning to buy a home. Adding a shorter or longer closing date could benefit both you and the seller; ask about this as you negotiate.

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