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Found Your Perfect Home? 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Moving Company

Posted on Friday, November 17, 2017
Move with ease when you hire a professional moving company.

There are boxes upon boxes in your living room. You are likely feeling a little overwhelmed as you buy a home and move. Is it time to hire a professional moving company? Here are five reasons why hiring a moving company could be the best idea since bubble wrap.

1. Pizza and Drinks Do Not Pay the Bills

You want your friends to help you move. This seems like a great plan. After all, they are much less expensive than a professional moving company, right? However, if you or your friends get injured during the move, those injuries can turn into an expensive nightmare. The same applies to your valuables. There is nothing worse than breaking a family heirloom during a move. If your friend breaks it, it will not be covered by insurance. A professional moving company should insure their employees and your precious items.

2. Professional Movers Do This All of the Time

You probably do not move every weekend, but professional movers do. If you are looking for people who know how to care for the items in your home during a move, look to the professionals. Because moving is not your day job, your fragile things could get damaged if you do the move yourself without using the appropriate packing materials. Another bonus is that professionals know how to pack well using a minimum of packing material, so you will save on boxes too.

Your move will be safer and take less time when you hire professional movers.

3. It Will Take Less Time

If you are drowning in boxes, then turning to the professionals could save you a lot of time as well. A move is a complex feat, and you need to focus on transferring your phone line, painting the new kitchen, and signing the paperwork. You do not need to focus on packing up every fork in the kitchen. By hiring a professional, your packing and moving will get done in much less time.

If you want to sell your tiny home because you have outgrown it, know that it could be more difficult to sell your unorthodox home.

4. Your Couch Will Not Get Stuck

Professional movers are accustomed to moving heavy objects. They also know how to navigate complex corners and stairways. If they cannot do it themselves, they have the special equipment that allows them to move those items a little more easily. If you want to make sure that all of your valuables make it up to that 3rd-floor apartment, talking to a moving company is the way to go.

5. You Can Move Items Into Storage

Some moves are relatively simple, while others are a lot more complex. What if you have three days between closing on your old house and the move into your new one? What happens to all of the items you have packed up? What if you need to move across the country and you only have one person in your family who can drive a car, let alone a large moving truck? If you need storage or you need to move items for days over a long distance, hiring the professionals will allow you to circumvent this common problem for an extra fee, instead of fretting over the details about what will be stored where.

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